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Question by Ari F.

Rattleware Large Round Handle Tamper OK - so is firm tamping required for a pressurized filter basket or not? Seems that consensus out there is split! I use preground coffee (Lavazza) and the PFB. Also, is the PFB the recommended choice for preground coffee use like I am doing? And how does that...

Question by Ari F.

Thanks Mark Jackson, I have seen some videos where people brew the shots first and then (like me) it certainly takes them longer than 15 seconds to steam the milk. All that aside, I will try milk first next time... so when I turn on the machine - should I turn on the Steam button right away? or...

Question by Ari F.

Angular or Round handle on the Rattleware? What do you recomment? (Gaggia Baby).

Question by Ari F.

Hello WLL - I am enjoying getting the hang of brewing on my Gaggia Baby. Question about Cappuccino "process"... I have read in a few places that you should not have your espresso shot "sit" longer than like 15 seconds or something like that before adding your steamed/frothed...

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