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Question by Ari F.

Rattleware Large Round Handle Tamper OK - so is firm tamping required for a pressurized filter basket or not? Seems that consensus out there is split! I use preground coffee (Lavazza) and the PFB. Also, is the PFB the recommended choice for preground coffee use like I am doing? And how does that...

4 answers

by: Ari (♥35) | Feb 13, 2013


Question by Ari F.

Thanks Mark Jackson, I have seen some videos where people brew the shots first and then (like me) it certainly takes them longer than 15 seconds to steam the milk. All that aside, I will try milk first next time... so when I turn on the machine - should I turn on the Steam button right away? or...

1 answers

by: Ari (♥35) | Feb 05, 2013

Question by Ari F.

Angular or Round handle on the Rattleware? What do you recomment? (Gaggia Baby).

2 answers

by: Ari (♥35) | Feb 05, 2013

Question by Ari F.

Hello WLL - I am enjoying getting the hang of brewing on my Gaggia Baby. Question about Cappuccino "process"... I have read in a few places that you should not have your espresso shot "sit" longer than like 15 seconds or something like that before adding your steamed/frothed...

1 answers

by: Ari (♥35) | Feb 04, 2013

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