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Baby Gaggia flow has stopped!!! I need my cappucinos back!!!! Help!!!!

I have a Gaggia Baby Class that was gifted to me from Whole Latte Love a year ago. Not sure of what kind of warranty I have. My machine is out of order right now. Help, I need my morning Cappucino!!!! The machine will not produce any water through the filter part. I can push water through the...

2 answers

by: BLAIRL (♥20) | Feb 01, 2014


Question by BLAIRL L.

My Gaggia Baby manual says to "only use Gaggia descaler" on my unit. Well, I already bought Durgol Special Decalcifier. Is there really any difference? The package of Durgol says "for espresso, pad or capsule machines of all brands and models."

1 answers

by: BLAIRL (♥20) | Mar 17, 2013

Question by BLAIRL L.

I have been having the Gaggia Baby Class for only 2 months, and the portafilter has recently started to leak after brewing a shot (until i power it off). Am i doing something wrong. I tried cleaning the gasket, but got same results. I did not see any wear on the gasket.

1 answers

by: BLAIRL (♥20) | Feb 22, 2013


Question by BLAIRL L.

In what ways is the stainless wand better than the black plastic one?

1 answers

by: BLAIRL (♥20) | Feb 22, 2013

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