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Profitec 500 or 700?

I'm getting ready to make a purchase and am convinced the Profitec is the way to go.  Not that I'm looking to spend an extra $1,000, but is the 700 that much more noticable?  I understand the advantages of the double boiler, but has anyone bought the 500 thinking they made a...

1 answers

by: Basil (♥5) | Jan 18, 2015

This or the Exobar Office Lever Plus Semi-Automatic

Is the Profitec worth the extra $500?  The Exobar looks excellent, has great reviews, looks just as durable.  This one looks a slight bit faster....but in the opinion of everyone who owns this, is it worth it?  I'm paralyzed by choice! Thanks  

2 answers

by: Basil (♥5) | Jan 15, 2015

I am loking to purchase a machine that wil alow me to make a great capucino in the morning.or two.and espreso in the...

I am looking to purchase a machine that will allow me to make a great cappuccino in the morning...or two....and espresso in the afternoon, as is the custom. If my girlfriend is over, I'd like to make her one too or any company. I like the manual pull and look. I'm reading reviews and I'm...

1 answers

by: Basil (♥5) | Mar 06, 2013

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