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Gaggia Evolution - Drip, drip, drip...

My Evolution, just over 1 year old, is dripping consistently from the brew group during operation, and for several minutes afterward.  Also, when I activate steam, there is a LOT of steam coming from the brew group, which slowly dissipates when I begin steaming.  This has been...

1 answers

by: Brian (♥20) | Jan 30, 2014

Question by Brian H.

So, I was told by Maggie a few weeks ago that Cleancaf was a little too harsh on the Evo's aluminum boiler. However, it appears that you are either out of the Gaggia Descaler or you do not carry it any longer. What is the recommended descaler? Also, it appears that the group group pressure...

1 answers

by: Brian (♥20) | Oct 02, 2013

Question by Brian H.

I have a Gaggia Evo and am using Cleancaf to descale the system. I was working from home and decided to clean my machine between meetings. I got tied up and forgot about the machine for a few hours and left cleancaf in it during that time. I flushed the machine with 2 full clean water cycles...

2 answers

by: Brian (♥20) | Aug 20, 2013

Question by Brian H.

Does this product fit an Evolution? How do I install it?

1 answers

by: Brian (♥20) | Mar 27, 2013


Question by Brian H.

My Gaggia Evolution (only 2 months old) has started leaking steam out of the group and steam wand when in steam mode and the steam pipe drips water (spurt, spurt, spurt) when in brew mode (not actively brewing). Also, I have sporadic issues with steam after purging the wand. Sometimes only hot...

2 answers

by: Brian (♥20) | Feb 13, 2013

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