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Question by Brian K.

1. what specific type of descaler is recommended for this machine? 2. is the default water filter fine or would upgrading to the saeco 'intenza' be recommended? 3. does the grinder ever need to be cleaned or have any product used on it for cleaning/maintenance? thanks for your help!!

1 answers

by: Brian (♥35) | Apr 22, 2013


Question by Brian K.

I just took out & cleaned the brew group on my saeco vienna plus for the first time, and i noticed on the bottom of it and a little on the lower sides there was a fair amount of sticky gel, is that somehow from the coffee or is that just like a gel that is put in from the maker to help with...

1 answers

by: Brian (♥35) | Mar 20, 2013


Question by Brian K.

I just got this saeco a few days ago and have made about 10 shots so far on the 4-5 grind level & pretty much every other time i press the brew coffee button it will give me the red error light which according to the directions means no beans or no water, but both are full. i dont know what...

1 answers

by: Brian (♥35) | Mar 10, 2013

Question by Brian K.

I had a question about using this particular product on a super-automatic machine, I think you're not supposed to use dark roast beans on super-automatic machines correct? what about this product which says medium-to-dark. is that ok or should it only be medium or light roast. thanks!

1 answers

by: Brian (♥35) | Mar 06, 2013


Question by Brian K.

which is a better option, the saeco vienna plus @$395 or Gaggia New Baby Semi-Auto Gaggia MDF for $460ish total. regarding quality / ease of use / time useage. ive never had a semi or fully auto machine before. thanks!!

1 answers

by: Brian (♥35) | Mar 04, 2013

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