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Question by G W.

Have heard lots of negative comments about this machine. People saying that it only lasts half a year than it stops performing properly. Is this a good machine to purchase don't want to spend money for a headache. Could u let me no please. Thanks.

Question by G W.

Do u guys ship products to Canada.Does ur free shipping apply if I buy a product over 50 dollars.

Question by G W.

Would match any competitors price on a new machine.

Question by G W.

Would u go with the touch screen or without. Wouldn't the touch screen be more likely for faults than with the regular push button.

Question by G W.

Also why are some refurbished machines that are exactly the same less or more in price.

Question by G W.

How is this machine comparable to the saeco talea touch. Is it superior or less superior. What are the pros and cons between the two.

Question by G W.

Wen will u guys have another saeco talea touch for sale or something similar

Question by G W.

Purchased new suprema when I turned steam wand dial like it says in instructions it stops and triangular warning comes on, and water leaks out of the bottom . Can u help me find the problem

Question by G W.

How many ounces does the saeco brew in one cycle, and can the ounces be adjusted , if so wat is the maximum and minimum ounces you can brew .

Question by G W.

Would the suprema machine be superior or less superior to the saeco idea go .The saeco is considerably cheaper than the suprema wath would be the pros and cons between the 2 machines , what would u recommend that I should purchase between the 2 .

Question by G W.

With the suprema automatic is it possible to brew a shot of coffee or espresso,while using the steam wand to froth milk, or extract water for tea at the same time, or do u have finish your brew cycle to use the steam wand? Thanks..

Question by G W.

Would it be possible to make tea with the suprema , at the opening were u can put in ground coffee could u put in ground tea leaves ?

Question by G W.

Can I make regular coffee with the suprema, and if so how many ounces .

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