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Question by Jannea S.

I own the original version, Presso, and have had it for 5 years and I LOVE it. I highly recommend this espresso maker! I was wondering if the white filter disc will be available. It is extrememely hard to find. I need a replacement because I stored the maker for a while forgetting to empy out the...

Question by Jannea S.

Can this use grounds too? ..or just E.S.E. pods?

Question by Jannea S.

Is this also for the RED Espresso Color machine?

Question by Jannea S.

Hi! I own the Espresso Color. I have owned it for two years. It is starting to act like it is working a little harder to heat up and brew. The light turns off at least twice during a double shot. Sometimes the light also goes off during the steaming process. I have descaled it twice. I have never...

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