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Question by Jose G.

Hello, what grinder do you recommend to pair this machine? Thks

Question by Jose G.

Thank you Mark, just one more. If you would to choose a grinder for the Silvia, will you paired it with the Vario or the Rocky. Thks

Question by Jose G.

Hello, what is the difference between this machine and the Espresso Gaggia (B&W) Thks

Question by Jose G.

Hello Mark, have you heard of any issues regarding the electronic display. Also, do you know how often will the rubber belt be replace?

Question by Jose G.

How much would it cost me to buy the Classic with the Silvia wand installed.

Question by Jose G.

Is the Classic you sell, made in Italy? Thks

Question by Jose G.

Hello, I would like to know if I can buy from you the Classic with the Silvia steaming wand (not sure if it is the V1 or V2 series) and a PID installed, and if so what would be the final price for it. Thks

Question by Jose G.

Hello, In the video she is using Cleancaf on a Gaggia Clasic, but just below the video there is this note: Please Note: Urnex Cleancaf is an alkaline based cleaner and is not safe for use in machines with aluminum boilers. As I understand Gaggia uses aluminum boilers. Can you please confirm this...

Question by Jose G.

Will I need the 58mm tamper for this portafilter?

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