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Cafe Crema on a Gaggia Accademia

Just trying to dial in a cafe crema on my Accademia... I've programmed my espresso and cafe buttons.  The espresso shot is about 2 oz and the cafe is about 5-6 oz.  My question, though, is this...for a cafe crema is seems like it is important to have a grind that is much courser...

1 answers

by: Louis (♥15) | Oct 29, 2014


Izzo Alex Duetto 3, Profitec Pro 700, or Rocket R58 v2

I am considering replacing my Gaggia Accademia superautomatic with either the Izzo Alex Duetto 3, Profitec Pro 700, or Rocket R58 v2. Just wondering if anyone can comment on their experience with any of these...or comparisons between them.  Thanks

2 answers

by: Louis (♥15) | Oct 07, 2014

Question by Louis K.

I also have a whole bean espresso question for use in my new Gaggia Accademia. I like a stronger, richer coffee. I've been drinking "caffe's" from the Accademia...so 5-6 ounce pulls of the strongest (three bean) setting set two notches finer than the most course grind setting. I...

2 answers

by: Louis (♥15) | Feb 08, 2013

Question by Louis K.

I love my new Accademia! Just wondering, though, how it may compare with the Jura Capresso J9 or S9. I've seen the video review on the WLL web site (for the J9). Seems like a great machine, too. I'm wondering if it truly can get the frothed milk hot enough for a latte with just the push of a...

1 answers

by: Louis (♥15) | Jan 12, 2013

Question by Louis K.

I have a new Accademia and agree with the complaints of low temperature frothed milk. It seems that Gaggia would realize that the temp of frothed milk for a latte (set to "minimum" frothing) would not be acceptable. Isn't there some way to configure the settings to achieve hotter...

1 answers

by: Louis (♥15) | Dec 26, 2012

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