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I work in the TV business. I work very crazy hours all around the clock. A great cup of coffee is much appreciated and goes a long way. I went to Costa Rica about 2 years ago and have never looked at coffee the same way. Now I have become very passionate about every aspect of coffee, I roast my own. I hope to have my own coffee shop in the next few years.


Question by Michael K.

I just got the Latte Art Wand recently and use a smaller, 12oz jug now and have been getting far better results. I'm getting a nice vortex and minimal to no bubbles. I have a question though...when I flip the steam button on, do I need to wait for the brew light to go on or off before steaming? I...

1 answers

by: MichaelK (♥45) | Feb 06, 2013


Question by Michael K.

I recently ordered the AeroPress. It should be arriving today and I am very excited because I've read such great feedback. My question or perhaps statement is, this device makes a concentrated coffee in which you add water to make it like a regular cup of coffee or something similar to an...

2 answers

by: MichaelK (♥45) | Jan 30, 2013


Question by Michael K.

I've had the Classic and MDF grinder for a month now. Are there any tips anyone can give me? Have not had the best results...especially with milk stretching. I use the commercial portafilter with 15-17 grams and go all the way down to a '3' on the grinder to get an O.K. shot. I try and try to...

2 answers

by: MichaelK (♥45) | Jan 17, 2013

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