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What is the thing where the coffee is put into called?

The word Terminology is defined as: ter·mi·nol·o·gy (tûr m -n l -j ). n. pl. ter·mi·nol·o·gies. 1. The vocabulary of technical terms used in a particular field, subject, science, or art; nomenclature (according to www.thefreedictionary.com/terminology). That said, here are some Terminologies...

By Mike
Remember The Tamper!

When purchasing a semi-automatic or manual espresso machine another very important thing to consider acquiring is a tamper. A tamper is the critical tool for leveling and compacting ground coffee in a portafilter to make espresso. Some espresso machine manufacturers include a tamper with the...

By Mike
Pasquini Livietta - Review

Things I like about this machine: Ability to brew and steam simultaneously: The Livetta allows you to brew espresso and steam milk simultaneously by using two thermal block boilers (one boiler for brewing and one for steaming) and two pumps. This feature is great when you want to...

By Mike
Francis Francis X7 Review

Francis Francis X7 Iper Espresso Review: Things I like: 1) The "Look" : The machine has a very cool Retro look to it with lots of curvy lines that will catch any ones eyes. 2) Set-up: I love how easy it is to set up this machine. You fill the water reservoir, plug the machine...

By Mike
Gaggia Classic, Baby Class and New Baby

We receive numerous calls from customers asking the same question, “What is the difference between the Gaggia Classic, Baby Class and New Baby?” Well in response to this question we have created a video showing you the similarities and the differences of these three machines.

By Mike
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