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Hi everyone, I'm Nick! For close to two years now I've worked in the marketing department here at Whole Latte Love. While you may already know me from my blogs, I'm also responsible for a number of the product descriptions that you might have seen on our website. In the morning, my go to drink is an Americano, although I'm also known around the office for the exotic teas I like to brew.

Composting Your Gimme! Coffee Bags

Hi everyone! It’s been quite a while since I’ve blogged, but as the weather warms up (for some of us anyway), it got me thinking about the outdoors and growing things. More specifically though I was thinking about Gimme! Coffee and how you can compost their coffee bags.It’s...

By Nick B
Introducing Gimme! Coffee

As an avid golfer, when I hear the word “Gimme” I immediately think to pick up my Titleist, skip the simple putt and mark my scorecard. As a coffee enthusiast, when I hear the word “Gimme” I think of one of the best hot cups of caffeinated deliciousness on the market....

By Nick B
Dosing and Doserless Grinders

Hi everyone and happy Thursday! In a similar vein to my last blog where I talked a bit about the difference between single and double shot baskets, I figured today I’d cover another more technically aligned topic suggest to me by Kathy. Recently, she’s gotten a few emails asking about...

By Nick B
Are You Pulling Single Shots?

Hi, everyone. Happy Thursday! I look for all kinds of inspiration, when I write my blogs and, today, I decided I’d take some time to write about a topic mentioned to me by Kathy, our senior technician. I’ll be getting into the differences between single and double shots of espresso....

By Nick B
Sugar in Your Coffee: What's the Big Deal?

Having seen the topic come up several times in recent articles, I figured I’d bring it to our community, sweetening your coffee. Turning the clock back to the magical days of my youth, I remember a time when I couldn’t possibly have drank coffee black, the way I drink it today. It...

By Nick B
The French Press

There are all kinds of ways to brew coffee, some I’ve experimented with, and some that I have yet to try. With specialty coffee becoming more and more prevalent in America, there’s been a branching out of brewing methods, as baristas embrace more unique approaches to preparing coffee....

By Nick B
Coffee Drinkers Per Capita

In a recent article posted over at Gizmodo, they put together a nice graphic that included 80 countries, outlining their coffee consumption per capita and ranking them from highest to lowest. You might be thinking “I suppose I drink as much coffee as the next guy,” but wouldn’t...

By Nick B
Treat Yourself! Caramel Flan Latte

Click here to watch Morgan make this recipe!   Hi everyone, it’s definitely been too long since I last posted a recipe so I’m glad I have the opportunity to do something about that today! Our recipe owes its namesake to flan, a popular Spanish dessert. This flavor...

By Nick B
Coffee and Your New Year's Resolutions

Hi everyone, I hope you’ve all had an enjoyable holiday season, I know that I certainly did. Anyway, 2013 is coming to a close. So of course, as we transition from months of decorating, eating, and general excess, tradition dictates that we resolve to lead healthier lifestyles in the coming...

By Nick B
How Green is Your Coffee Routine?

In the spirit of brewing a greener cup of Joe, we've compiled a list of five ways to reduce your coffee carbon footprint. 1. Switch to a Manual Brewing Method For Espresso - Consider the Handpresso Wild Hybrid or the ROK Espresso Maker. Both will let you make...

By Nick B
The Importance of Tampers

Choosing a quality tamper is often overlooked as an important consideration of brewing good espresso. I like to think that brewing espresso is a lot like a science experiment. You have many variables that need to be adjusted or altered so that you are able to brew the best shot possible. Tamping...

By Nick B
Coffee and your Exercise Routine

I'm really not a morning person; I do not pretend that I'm going to get up early before work and exercise. I also know that by late afternoon my energy is pretty much drained from a hectic day at the office. The last thing I want to do after work is go to the gym and lift weights and run...

By Nick B
The Health Benefits of Coffee

If you’re reading this blog, I’ll go out on a limb and assume that you’re one of millions of people who wake up and face each day with a cup of coffee. Now, yes, your coffee does help you get up in the morning, stay alert, stay awake, but there’s actually a plethora of other benefits that have...

By Nick B
What is Espresso? Roasts and Blends Explained

What exactly is espresso? This may seem like a rhetorical question, but to many uninitiated coffee drinkers it remains cloaked in mystery as the more potent relative of drip coffee. Teenage boys no doubt boast to their friends about how much of it they drink while retirees sip on it with a twist...

By Nick B
Fight Odors with Coffee

Coffee is undeniably the greatest and most versatile food product in existence. It’s gotten to the point where we not only make drinks with it, but socks as well. Don’t believe me? Google “kickstarted coffee socks” and you’ll see what I mean. Now, you might be asking...

By Nick B
Tully's Sale to Global Baristas LLC Completed

Having blogged about this six months ago, I felt compelled to close the book on the Patrick Dempsey/Tully’s debacle. Tully’s, a Seattle based coffee chain, had sought bankruptcy protection, but ultimately wound up auctioning off their assets in federal bankruptcy court back in...

By Nick B
Caffeine and Creativity: Is your coffee helping or hurting?

In my more recent perusings of the Internet, I’ve come across several discussions of the impact of caffeine on a person’s creativity, more specifically, the impact of coffee on a person’s creativity. As a writer/blogger who consumes a generous amount of caffeine on a regular...

By Nick B
American Coffee Offerings

Believe it or not, but the 4th of July is closer than you might think. As you celebrate the anniversary of our break with the British Empire, it’s important not to forget the role coffee played in establishing our independence. For starters, the Boston Tea Party was planned in a coffee house....

By Nick B
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