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Hi everyone, I'm Nick! For close to two years now I've worked in the marketing department here at Whole Latte Love. While you may already know me from my blogs, I'm also responsible for a number of the product descriptions that you might have seen on our website. In the morning, my go to drink is an Americano, although I'm also known around the office for the exotic teas I like to brew.

Holiday Shipping 2014

The countdown to Christmas has begun! We know that shopping for the holidays can be stressful, especially if you’re ordering online and don’t know if your gifts will arrive on time. Without the certainty of having your pending presents secreted away in that decorative basket, tucked...

By Nick B
Whole Latte Love 2014 Holiday Gift Picks

Hi everyone,   If you’re like me, that means that you’ve got quite a bit of shopping to do within the next few weeks. Lucky for you, we’re here to help! If you’re still trying to decide on gifts for friends and family, I recommend that you check out our Holiday...

By Nick B
How to Redeem Your $100 Nespresso Club Credit

From between 11/28/2014 - 01/31/2015, Nespresso is running a promotion offering $100 of credit for their Nespresso Club program when you purchase a machine of $199 or more. You can find a link to Nespresso’s promotion page on any of the eligible machines we carry; alternatively you can...

By Nick B
The ROK Coffee Grinder: Now Live on Indiegogo!

The ROK Coffee Grinder Indiegogo Campaign is Now Live! Click Here to Contribute   It’s no secret that brewing excellent coffee starts with an excellent grinder. But for some people, the cost of quality equipment poses a barrier to entry that keeps them out of the game. Today...

By Nick B
Reintroducing Cafe La Semeuse

Those of you who peruse our brands menu might recently have noticed the return of an old favorite. I’m happy to announce that Whole Latte Love is once again carrying Cafe La Semeuse Swiss roasted drip and espresso coffee. Known for their advocation of the Max Havelaar Foundation, which is...

By Nick B
Introducing the New!

Hi everyone, It’s always exciting when I get to announce something cool, and today I’ve got something awesome to tell you about. Chances are pretty high that you’ve noticed a couple of changes to your place for Everything Coffee. Behind the scenes we’ve been working...

By Nick B
Introducing Kimbo Espresso Italiano

Coffee lovers rejoice! I’m excited to announce the addition of Kimbo Espresso Italiano to our extensive selection of imported Italian coffees. Now, I know for a fact that some of you out there have heard of Kimbo before, but for those of you who haven’t I feel that a bit of an...

By Nick B
Is that Coffee I'm Tasting? - Part 3

It’s been a little while since I last wrote about coffee tasting, over a month in fact. Between this blog and my last entry in the series I’ve tried quite a few different coffees. Some of them I liked and some of them not so much. The other day I found myself inspired yet again by a...

By Nick B
The Third Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest

Hi everyone, Our Third Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest is underway and I can't wait to see what you guys have in store for us! This year, the ROK manual espresso maker is back up for grabs! One of the toughest espresso makers on the market, with all metal components guaranteed for a...

By Nick B
In the Spotlight: The Gaggia Brera

If you’re in the market for an affordable and capable super-automatic espresso machine then I hope you’ve taken a look at the Gaggia Brera in Black. Gaggia has a history of innovation in the world of espresso and the Brera was their ambassador to a more modern approach to...

By Nick B
Coffee and Weight Loss: Deflating the Green Bean Bubble

The trouble for a number of us here in America is that we have an easier time finding weight than we do with losing it. As 2014’s 8th most overweight country in the world, it comes as no surprise to me that the green coffee extract fad hit us pretty hard over the last few years. For those...

By Nick B
Coffee Experiment: Cold Brewing With Yama

Cold brew coffee is one of life’s best kept secrets. Brewing coffee with cold water does seem to be a bit of a contradiction, and while preparing it can be a bit tricky, the results can be well worth the effort. Recently we were lucky to get our hands on some excellent sample coffees from...

By Nick B
Wrapping Up Our Giveaways

Hi everyone, It's hard to believe that August is almost over! On that note I'm sad to say that we'll be concluding our weekly giveaways for the time being. I'd like to thank everybody who participated, definitely keep your eyes peeled for future contests. Now, without further...

By Nick B
Is that Coffee I'm tasting? - Part 2

Welcome to the second entry in my series on learning how to taste coffee. If you haven’t read the first installment, well, frankly I don’t know what you’re doing here. Go read it and come back! This time around I’d like to discuss what I consider to be the two different...

By Nick B
Weekly Giveaway! - Waechtersbach Chalk Talk Mugs

Hi everyone, I’d like to start by congratulating the winner of last week’s giveaway, Chickie Brewer! She’ll be receiving a bag of Parisi Coffee’s Sumatra Mandheling single-origin espresso. This week we’ve got something a little different, the super cool Chalk Talk...

By Nick B
Is that Coffee I'm Tasting? - Part 1

Last week I had the pleasure of catching up with my college buddy Ed when he came to Rochester for a visit. Like all of my friends, he was eventually persuaded into taking a trip with me to the awesome third-wave shop on Park Avenue called Pour Coffee Parlor. Now, for those of you who don’t...

By Nick B
Weekly Giveaway! - Parisi Artisan Coffee

Hi everyone, This week we decided to move our giveaway to Wednesday, aka Hump Day. I’d like to start by congratulating Lauren Leslie, the winner of the Yama 3-Cup Siphon! This week we’re backing off from brewing equipment in favor of some micro-roasted beans from Parisi Artisan...

By Nick B
National Coffee Month Cont.

It’s hard to believe we’re already a third of the way through August aka National Coffee Month! Hopefully all of you have been enjoying your summers so far, participating in our giveaways, and of course, drinking coffee! It’s been sort of a flurry of activity for us here at...

By Nick B
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