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Question by Reva M.

I've had this grinder for ~ 1 month and I love it. I use it daily, once a day to grind beans for a double espresso. I see that the urnex grindz is recommended for cleaning - how often should I be doing this?

Question by Reva M.

Trying to decide between the virtuoso and the rancilo rocky. There is a big price difference - but I ordered the virtuoso (from somewhere else) and it arrived dead out of the box! I returned it and was so disappointed that I've been trying to look for a different grinder at a similar price point....

Question by Reva M.

Hi, I have had the gaggia classic for 2 yrs and it has been great, we use it once a day. Recently, I've noticed that the steam wand drips when I turn on the steam switch after pulling a shot. I don't wait that long to start steaming, so I don't think its a pressure buildup issue. What could be...

Question by Reva M.

Trying to decide between this grinder and the baratza virtuoso 586 mainly for espresso. how do they compare?

Question by Reva M.

Hi, I currently have the stainless steel panarello wand and I am having some trouble with control of microfoam (getting mostly big bubbles). Would the plain wand inside the sleeve of this wand be better for making microfoam?

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