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Question by Robert S.

I just got a titanium. I raised the temp to high, the fourth of the five choices, from medium, the middle of the five. My wife thought that made the coffee taste more bitter. I guess if I raise the output temperature, which I like, that raises the coffee grind soaking/brewing temperature too. Is...

1 answers

by: RobertJ (♥20) | Mar 01, 2013

Question by Robert S.

I'm interested n the titanium super automatic or maybe the office super automatic, for home use. What's the difference? Is the office superautomatic really superior or stronger or more functional in some way, or is it just a cosmetic difference of tray size, etc

1 answers

by: RobertJ (♥20) | Feb 09, 2013

Question by Robert S.

How does the Swiss family of machines, such as the Jura Impressa 5 or 6, compare with the titanium or Gaggia line. I gather the Swiss brewer components, etc are a different breed. Which do you recommend?

1 answers

by: RobertJ (♥20) | Feb 08, 2013

Question by Robert S.

You imply that the Brera has a newer brewing unit than, say, the titanium. The titanium seems to have more features, temp control, multiple volume options. But the Titanium has metal grinder, not ceramic. Not the end of the world. But is the brewer unit the next generation in the Brera compared...

1 answers

by: RobertJ (♥20) | Feb 07, 2013

Question by Robert S.

Why can't I use the urnex coffee grinder cleaner on a superautomatic and just flush it out afterwards?

1 answers

by: RobertJ (♥20) | Nov 25, 2009

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