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I have ben using the Clasic for a couple years now and stil love it. However I'm runing into a problem that won't go...

I have been using the Classic for a couple years now and still love it. However I'm running into a problem that won't go away. When using my bottomless portafilter, espresso sprays out in a couple different spots while pulling the shot. I actually noticed this the very first time I used the...

2 answers

by: Ryan (♥10) | Mar 19, 2013

Helo. Bought the Clasic from here a few years ago and love it. Y'al are 2/2 in troubleshoting, so I'm hoping you make...

Hello.. Bought the Classic from here a few years ago and love it. Y'all are 2/2 in troubleshooting, so I'm hoping you make it 3/3. Fairly recently, I still have a pool of water on top of my used grounds after pulling a shot. For a short time, after switching beans, it stopped. But it has started...

2 answers

by: Ryan (♥10) | Feb 15, 2013

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