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Sanfam answered the question Gaggia Classic Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine, Conflicting Instructions

Honestly, I would suggest disregarding the included instructions and watching this video instead.  It will give you a much more clear impression of what's different between the three baskets.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSZR7YwPFvA

1 day ago
Sanfam answered the question Does this fit the Gaggia Classic as a replacement to the metal drain tube?

Unfortunately, the part you were referencing did not come thorugh.  This is the item that should work for your machine: http://www.wholelattelove.com/Gaggia/gaggia-cf0149.cfm?

1 day ago
Sanfam answered the question Upset with the Brera

If you want to find a reputable local shop, your best option may be to start local and ask a local coffee shop if they are familiar with any service centers in the area.  Alternative, Philips/Saeco sells several variants of the platform as their own model; You can try contacting them to see if they have a local authorized support...

4 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Gaggia Baby Twin Touch Panel bad again...

I'm sorry to hear about the repeat issue with your machine.  Honestly, that sort of problem would indicate that either there was a moisture leak on the interior of  the machine, or a buildup of goop (even if only in the form of a thin film) on the outside of the panel.  You can try cleaning it (irregularly) with windex to...

4 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Brewtus IV Low Brew Pressure

The ultimate test for "Is it the machine, or is it the Grind/Coffee?" is to try placing a backflush disc into the machine, lifting the lever, and reading what the brew pressure gauge pegs at.  If it reaches 9-11 bar, your machine is A-OK, and you should instead turn your eyes to your grinder, your prep technique(s), and/or...

4 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Add coffee

What specific machine do you have?  Once I have a make/model, I might be able to offer some more assistance.  In general, though, an "Add Coffee" message can indicate a clogged grinder, or a malfunctioning sensor of some sort.  If disassembly and cleaning doesn't help, the next step is typically service.

4 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Self TestOn start up, I am getting the display blinking "self-test", and the usual pre-rinse does not happen anymore. Once it has stopped this clicking (like it was trying to do something), it says ready for use. Press the button, and then it grinds, then

Honestly, the problem you've described sounds like a fault in the control board of the machine.  Any time you find something like this stuck in a "self test" loop, it usually means something failed but isn't being properly displayed as such.  Your best bet at this point is to send the machine in for service.

4 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Fill water tank message but water tank is full

I'm sorry to hear about the problem you encountered trying to get through to us.  Odds are high, however, that the problem is actually just a bad magnetic float (found on the lower corner inside of the tank underneath a removable rubber plug).  This part can be replaced with no tools, and can be purchased online from the link...

4 days ago
Sanfam answered the question ROk referbish kit

At this time, these parts can only be purchased as a single unit through the package you're referring to.

4 days ago
Sanfam answered the question La Pavoni PC 16 - Pressure Valve Leaking

When it comes to these machines, your best bet is to contact their US Support Agency, European Giftware, to troubleshoot. They can be reached by phone at 914-664-3448.

4 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Gaggia Baby suddenly stopped working

If the power light comes on and does not heat up, odds are fairly good that you have a case of a blown thermal fuse.  The boiler uses one of these fuses to ensure that both you and your machine areprotected in the event of the boiler reaching too high a temperature.  While the video may not be entirely relevant, I've included a...

4 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Gaggia Brera

On the Brera, the descaling indicator is triggered by a timer, nothing more.  The lamp is reset by pressing and holding the "Bean"/"Preground" button for about 10 seconds with the machine on and ready to brew.  It should, after a few moments, simply blink off.

4 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Bottomless portfilter spits

Bottomless Portafilters are an interesting experience.  Because they lack the common collector under a standard basket, you will start seeing (and cleaning up after) the problems that were likely affecting you before, but you simply couldn't see.  What you're seeing is channelling--the high pressure water above the puck has...

4 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Alex II overflow valve sticking

For this sort of problem, I would suggest contacting the primary support center for this machine, Chris' Coffee.  They have a great deal of experience with the Izzo Alex line and would be best equipped to help your machine get the assistance it requires.

4 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Bad tasting lavazza

While it's possible that the one bag could be bad, these are typically bulk-roasted, bulk-bagged products with extremely little variation from one batch to another.  Was there any visible difference between the bags, such as a different lot or batch number, or different expiration date?

4 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Baby Gaggia Twin Flow Problem

Have you tried dispening water from the steam wand to verify that flow is consistent there?  Additionally, was the problem present before the machine had been descaled, and how often had that process been attempted?  Third, when was the last time you disassembled and cleaned the brew head?   If the answers to all of these are...

4 days ago
Sanfam answered the question LCD acts up from time to time

Any time you have damage to a display screen, your best bet is to send the product in for service.  If you wish to do so through us, you can give us a call at 888-411-5282.  

4 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Cleaning

To descale a Gaggia Classic, you'd be best off using either the Gaggia Liquid Decalcifier, or Durgol Swiss Espresso Descaler.  Each of these are aluminum-safe, and therefore compatible with the boiler used by your machine.  For backflushing, look into Urnex Cafiza, a powdered backflush detergent.  If you want to backflush on...

4 days ago
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