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Sanfam answered the question gaggia classic

As you haven't removed disassembled the group head previously, I suggest taking this opportunity to do so, making sure that the shower screen, holding plate, and group gasket are in good condition.  Odds are fairly good that the part has come out of line or has a bit of coffee slowly (but steadily) accumulating nearby....

5 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Very slow water flow

If you found that descaling helped, I'd suggest running it through another descaling cycle.  Additionally, you may want to fully disassemble and clean the brew unit to remove anything that could be obstructing the flow of water within it.  See our video on that process here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGmfnGN_JQA

5 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Cog Wheel Not Returning To Proper Position

In general, the combination of issues you've reported would have me thinking that repair that either repair or replacement are the only viable options on the table.  Together, these symptoms would suggest an issue with one or more of the machine's control boards, a problem that is best remedied by a qualified professional....

5 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Gaggia Brera - Prime warning light will not go away.

When you attempt to prime the machine, make sure you keep the knob in the "Hot Water" position until the error lamp disappears--this means that the machine has recognized that water is flowing and that it is finished priming.  If you turn it back to center before the indicator has disappeared, you will need to repeat the...

5 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Repair or Replace?

In general, expect 6-7 years out of a FrancisFrancis! X5 that has been well maintained.  As far as options are concerned, repair is certainly something you could pursue, though the cost of parts and labor on this particular unit for even a basic diagnostic visit would likely exceed the cost of replacing it with a refurbished model.  At...

5 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Gaggia Titanium not heating

If the machine is stuck reading "Warming Up" and you're only able to pull cold water from then machine, then the issue is most certainly one of the boiler not heating.  The exact cause for this could range from a failed fuse or loose wire to a faulty control board.  I would, in this case, recommend contacting our...

5 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Broken Brew Group

In general, Gaggia's warranties are only valid within the market in which they were purchased.  In order to find out who stocks this part in your region, I suggest contacting Gaggia of Italy to be referred to your nearest available parts retailer.  Their web site can be found at http://www.gaggia.it/e/it/landing-page.html

5 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Is this the new model with automatic descaling

All new inventory that we appear to have at this time features the automatic descaling feature.  Refurbished models may vary based on the exact date-of-production of the unit.

5 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Steam wand: Rotatory VS Joystick valve control (Galatea vs Jiulia)

While the rotary control does technically allow a greater degree of flow control than the joysticks (as you can steadily increase the rate-of-flow from full-close to full-open by turning the knob), this doesn't tend to be useful in practice due to the short gap between full-open and full-closed.  The joystick knobs tend to be preferred...

5 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Gaggia Brera new and yet dead

If the machine attempts to operate for a few seconds but the grinder doesn't spin for more than two or three, odds good that the sensor which detects the grinder's speed is not functioning properly or is disconnected entirely.I would suggest contacting Technical Support to discuss your options in depth.

6 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Changing filter baskets Gaggia Classic

While the portafilter uses a spring to intentionally add tension to the baskets, swapping them is a lot more straightforward than you think! See this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSZR7YwPFvA&t=99

6 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Exobar Brutus IV-R rotary pump

1. There absolutely is a connection!  Basically, the water fed into the Brewtus' brew boiler is pre-heated by passing through the heat exchanger tube in the steam boiler.  This means that it basically enters the brew boiler at or near the ideal brew temperature.  The PID is then able to gently nudge it up or down based on your...

6 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Brera Gaggia short brew button gives long brew

With the Brera, you can easily reprogram the buttons to your ideal size.  Please see the video linked here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5i4-Bp4Gco&t=65

6 days ago
Sanfam answered the question I have water leaking when I lock the water tank into place.

While I'd love to offer assistance, Breville opts to handle all technical support in-house.  I'd suggest contacting them directly for official technical support.  

6 days ago
Sanfam answered the question From pour over to automatic drip coffee maker

While it's not necessarily "Automatic," I strongly recommend the Bonavita BV1800 or BV1900 series drip brewers.  Out of the entire market, these two are SCAA-approved coffee brewers designed to produce the best possible drink.  They produce results extremely consistent with pour-over results without getting into the price...

6 days ago
Sanfam answered the question 1 Pound bag

The chute has just enough space to make this work.  Additionally, the portaholder piping is removable.  It's simply pressed into two rubber grommets.

6 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Delonghi EC145 tamper

In general, over-tamping shouldn't hurt the machine.  It only tends to make for a messy cleanup and some wasted cofofee.  If you find yourself unable to brew after tamping with a certain amount of force, either move the grind coarser or use a bit less tamping force next time.   With regard to these models, they all use a...

6 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Saeco CA6801 Cappuccinatore Automatic Milk Frothing Attachment used with Gaggia Platinum Swing Up?

So long as the Cappuccinatore in question is compatible with the Saeco Incanto, Italia, Syntia, Intuita or Intelia, it will work with the Gaggia Platinum.  They use the same style of attachment (a rubber slip that slides onto a notch on the steam arm) and are effectively interchangeable.

6 days ago
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