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Sanfam answered the question Gaggia dose foam problem

My first question in these cases is "What sort of grinder are you using?"   Second, it sounds to me like you're using the "Perfect Crema Filter."  This filter (in combination with the black pin) tends to create a very foamy crema versus a more silky, creamy result when brewing using the "Commercial...

6 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Muddy Puck

If the shot comes out smelling "burned," I would suggest trying a brief cooling flush before pulling the shot; That is, allowing some water to rinse out through the brew head for 2-4 seconds with the portafilter removed, then attaching the filter (loaded with coffee) and brewing normally.  Additionally, you may want to try...

6 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Gaggia Brera

Just checking in on this one, but CJ S is correct; The Brera has a three primary causes of water accumulation: When it's powered on, rinses once When it's powering down, it performs another rinse The Brera uses a redesigned "Boiler Spout" to which the brew unit connects; This part doesn't use a spring-loaded valve...

6 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Grinder function

The Ceado E6P does not have a manual function at this time.  You must use one of the two programmable dose options to grind.

6 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Recommendations for a basic espresso machine

If you enjoyed your Starbucks Barista and found that it met your needs well, it has a near twin available in the form of the Saeco Via Venezia.  Saeco was the original manufacturer for the Starbucks Barista and now sells the same product under their name basically unchanged (aside from round vs. square buttons). If you're looking to...

6 days ago
Sanfam answered the question EA9010?

In general, we start selling products as soon as they're available for us to us.  Keep your eyes opened for the Krups Barista EA9010 to become available within the next few months.

6 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Problems with new gaggia titanium

I'm sorry to hear about the rough start with your machine!  Fortunately, what you've encountered are a series of surprisingly simple problems that all have relatively simple solutions. If the door isn't latching, the hook may be damaged and may require replacement.  Is the door swinging freely and not catching on the...

6 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Pressure gauge issue on my Expobar Leva 2

If the hose is oviously kinked (and not simply oddly-coiled, ), then it will need replacement. So long as the line doesn't appear to have any obvious points where it is crushed or closed off, your next suspect is the gauge itself.  Over time, the membranes within these can fail.  Complete replacement gauges are currently available...

6 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Leaking from steam wand

First, how often have you descaled the machine?  More frequently than not, a leaking valve is caused by a piece of scale lodged between the the valve stem and the valve seat; Running the machine through a complete descaling cycle using the correct descaling solution may correct the issue.  Most of the time, the damage is already done...

6 days ago
Sanfam answered the question europe

At this time, we do not keep a record of European market parts resellers.

6 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Rancilio Silvia "brew" not shutting off after shot is done

When you turn off the switch, does the pump shut off as well or does it continue until the flow stops?  It would sound to me like there is a clog in the solenoid valve or some buildup that's preventing the piston from returning to the fully-closed position.  This could be investigated by fully removing and cleaning the valve, full...

6 days ago
Sanfam answered the question 'Knocking' During Warmup

In general, a "knocking" sound would certainly imply some degree of flash-boiling within one of the two boilers.  Now, knocking isn't to be mistaken for a light "ticking," which would be fairly normal and isn't much to worry about.  It's basically down to severity; Does it sound like someone is bouncing...

6 days ago
Sanfam answered the question When do I know if I need a new Gasket and which one is it?

The 8.5mm gasket is likely the best suited for these machines.  It can be found here: https://www.wholelattelove.com/products/group-gasket-for-office-lever-and-brewtus-8-5mm

6 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Encore grinder paired with Rancillo Silvia?

While it's able to be used with many of the machines featuring pressurized portafilters or baskets, the Encore is simply not able to produce a consistent enough grind for use with the Silvia.  I would consider the Rancilio Rocky or Baratza Preciso (formerly Virtuoso Preciso and not to be mistaken for the Virtuoso with Preciso...

6 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Ceado hopper

In our experience, the Mazzer Mini's Short Bean Hopper works nearly perfectly with this machine.  There's a tiny bit of looseness, but not enough to cause any trouble.  It can be found here: http://www.wholelattelove.com/products/mazzer-mini-short-bean-hopper

6 days ago
Sanfam answered the question How much Gaggia decalcifyer for Baby Gaggia?

You would use one bottle of this solution per complete descaling cycle.

6 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Gaggia Classic 2015 model

The model we sell is the unmodified Gaggia Classic pre-redesign.  That is, it still has the mechanical switches and valves, and does not utilize any specialized control circuitry to regulate its energy consumption as with the 2015 Euro-market model.  

6 days ago
Sanfam answered the question height limitations

With the Pasquini, it comes equipped with a service panel that would prevent it from sitting flush with a counter were the feet to be removed.  Similarly, the Expobar Lever's various configurations have feet that give only just a tiny bit of clearance for the power cord and the water line in plumbed models, preventing you from using it...

12 days ago
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