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Sanfam answered the question Need to buy a new replacement broiler unit for the Saeco Italia

During the Saeco Italia's (and its sister-machines, the Starbucks Italia, Saeco Incanto, Gaggia Titanium, and Solis Palazzo) production life, it shipped with many different--and incompatible--boiler configurations.  If you could provide the model number of the machine (for example, SUP021YDR) I could make a better...

8 days ago
Sanfam answered the question More Info`

While I don't have much information beside what is supplied in the diagram, I the part itself should be pre-calibrated to roughly 11.9 Bar.

8 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Suddenly no micro foam!

First and foremost, what is the steam pressure reading?  It sounds like it might be either too low, or the steam tip isn't dispensing a clean flow.  While it's difficult for steam to "stutter" while dispensing, it could be caused by a blockage within the steam wand.  Have you tried removing the steam tip and...

14 days ago
Sanfam answered the question warranty issue

All refurbished Gaggia products purchased through us come with the warranty as indicated.  In the case of the Brera, this is a 6-Month Limited Warranty starting at the date of purchase.

14 days ago
Sanfam answered the question What is the portafilter size?

The ROK uses a 49mm Portafilter.  

14 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Gaggia Baby Twin - Leaking or Condensation?

If you're seeing machine collect underneath the machine, and it's not simply overflow from the drip tray (as seems to be backed up by the fac tthat you have condensation appearing), you're likely looking at a problem stemming from a leak in or around one of the machine's two boilers.  This heated water could be leaking out...

14 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Inside Kettle

Which kettle are you referring to?  There are several models which feature plastic windows, and others that do not.  Is there a specific model you're looking at that we could offer additional help with?

14 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Which basket is which?

This is something best addressed by a video in our library: Identifying Gaggia Filter Baskets: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSZR7YwPFvA

15 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Gaggia Brera

It's perfectly fine to leave the machine on for extended periods of time in standby mode.  I do, however, suggest switching the machine off at the main power switch if you are intending to leave it unused for several days at a time.  

15 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Urnex reviewer's reference to Whole Latte

While these instructions are designed in reference to a Gaggia Classic, the process is similar for most semi-automatic espresso machines.  Please note, however, that the product you're referencing *not* recommended for use with the Classic.  See the video below:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZjP4cDFLgE

15 days ago
Sanfam answered the question ANY SUPERAUTOS IN 220 VOLT (for outisde USA)?

In order to purchase a 220V machine suited for international use, you would want to find a retailer in the region you intend to use the machine who carries the models you're looking for.  Anything else is putting the long-term reliability of your machine at risk.  Additionally, most manufacturer-provided warranties are limited to...

15 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Compatible Machines

While this should work fine, the Rancilio Bottomless Portafilter will make for a better fit and a better aesthetic match, as it features the Rancilio-branded handle.

15 days ago
Sanfam answered the question warranty on refurbished items

The warranty on this grinder would be six months from date-of-purchase.  As far as why it was refurbished, it could be any number of reasons; Most probably that it was a product returned by a customer.  The work would have been completed by our shop.  

15 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Profitec Pro 700

The ECM Bottomless Portafilter does not fit the Profitec line of espresso machines (or most others, for that matter).  However, we've found that the Rancilio Bottomless Portafilter does work just fine.  

15 days ago
Sanfam answered the question DY0036/b

Unfortunately not.  The aluminum part is the only variant we're able to source

15 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Crema

While it's easy to start at the machine, the symptoms you describe almost suggest checking into the beans first.  Have you recently opened a new bag or started using a new batch of beans?  Depending on when and how they were roasted, you could easily see the changes you've described.  

18 days ago
Sanfam answered the question refurbished OVP pressure settings

Gaggia Classic models are typically set for a brew pressure of 11-12 bar out-of-the-box for two reason: First, compatibility with the pressurized filter baskets shipped with these machines requires a higher brew pressure to operate correctly.  Second, these machines are also designed to be compatible with pods; similarly, this requires a...

18 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Descale icon

The Gaggia Brera (manufactured mid-2013 onward) now features an automatic descaling cycle.  While the instructions in the manual may ask you to clear the descaling signal by holding and pressing the aroma setting button once you have completed the descaling cycle, this won't work on the current models.  This new process...

18 days ago
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