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Sanfam answered the question PID

Unfortunately, we do not know if these two apts are the same.  The only information I can really confirm is that this is the PID with blue digits that is used on the Expobar Brewtus IV.  

2 days ago
Sanfam answered the question How to Clean the Pasquini Moka Espresso Grinder

For routine cleaning, the process is simple: Feed a purpose-made cleaning product such as Urnex Grinds into the grinder and allow it to dispense as instructed.  This will clean the burrs and the grinding chamber.  For less routine maintenance, you can perform a full cleaning and calibration of the grinder.  While we do not have a...

2 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Dimensions

This machines dimensions are (roughly) 11 inches wide, by 16.5 inches deep, by 15 inches tall.  

3 days ago
Sanfam answered the question comparison?

Without knowing what tablets you've been using, I can't really provide too much help.  However, I am not aware of any Gaggia Decalcifying tablets, only backflush and brew unit cleaning tablets (those are *not* a descaler, just a detergent).  The product mentioned here is a purpose-made, aluminum-safe espresso machine descaler...

3 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Leaking from protafilter

In general, a leak from around the portafilter is a sign of a worn and failing group gasket.  Fortunately, replacing this part is easy!  Depending on the style of machine, you would want to purchase one of two gaskets.  Expobar Office Lever and Expobar Brewtus models can use an 8.5mm gasket (found...

3 days ago
Sanfam answered the question water softener

While we do not carry the Lavazza-manufactured part, we do offer both the Expobar and Rancilio in-tank water softener cartridges ( http://www.wholelattelove.com/products/expobar-water-softener-cartridge and http://www.wholelattelove.com/products/rancilio-water-softener , respectively).  Either should fit the role just fine.

3 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Is this actually 56mm?

The tamper we carry is, in fact, a 56mm part.  We opted to carry this variant as it is a size used by many (though not all) La Pavoni and FrancisFrancis! machines.

3 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Use

While this portafilter has been tested to fit ECM brew heads (including the Classika II PID), it tends to sit somewhat differently than the stock portafilter handle.  Simply tighten it until firm. It does not fit the Bezzera or Pasquini brew heads, however.  Those manufacturers use a portafilter with the retaining teeth offset...

3 days ago
Sanfam answered the question ESE pods

For our Refurbished FrancisFrancis! models, we're able to offer them at such a low price by stocking them in two variants; One equipped with the Ground Coffee Portafilter kit, and another equipped with the ESE Pod Portafilter kit.  Out of the box, they are only equipped to make one or the other.   However, the boilers of these...

3 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Does this machine come with a Claris water filter?

Based on the information available to us, this model does not include a Claris water filter with it.  The part is an optional accessory.  Additionally, Page 2 of the manual reads "To prolong the life of your machine, we recommend you use a Claris Aqua Filter System F088 cartridge (accessory not included) and that you descale the...

3 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Which Machine(s)?

To confirm, is it the steam knob that's stripped, or the valve itself?  You can test this by removing the knob (simply grip firmly and pull up-and-away from the body of the machine) and attempting to turn the post by hand--it shouldn't require much effort.  If the post spins freely, then it's probable that the valve has...

3 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Warranty

As purchased through wholelattelove.com, Refurbished Saeco models carry a six-month limited warranty.  

3 days ago
Sanfam answered the question So is it Sirai? Or Ma-Ter?

To answer your question simply, it uses a Sirai pressurestat!  While the Profitec Pro 500 prototype shipped to us (and featured in the video) used a Ma-Ter pressurestat, some discussion between our technicians and Profitec led to this being upgraded to the Sirai part for the improved temperature consistency and reliability it afforded....

3 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Gaggia Platinum Vision High Temperature Setting Produces Lukewarm Espresso

Answering the quesitons as they were thrown out there... 1. It's hard to say, but it sounds like the machine could be brewing cooler than designed.  I would normally expect an in-cup temperature of 150-160F.   2. Super automatics will typically brew in such a way as to produce cooler in-cup temperatures, due to the longer...

6 days ago
Sanfam answered the question too little espresso

If the flow rate is consistently slow, and the problem appeared after an initial shot, I'd recommend two things.  First, remove the portafilter and have the machine dispense a blank shot (press either button once, let it drain straight into an empty cup or the drip tray).  Once rinsed (flushing out any overly fine grounds that may...

6 days ago
Sanfam answered the question I descaled my unit, now water won't drain at startup.

I presume you're referring to the final step of the descaling cycle, which would involve opening the steam valve in "hot water" mode to allow water out through the steam wand.  Is there another step you're referring to?

6 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Tips for repairing Gaggia Classic Deluxe as backup to new Syncrony?

What we would advise really depends on the nature of the original machine's issues (if any).  Your best bet is to fully remove and dismantle the boiler, testing o-rings and gaskets for pliability and inspecting them for cracks or tears.  Odds are, all of them will need to be replaced.  Currently, you would need to contact...

6 days ago
Sanfam answered the question Age

The difference between these models appears to be masked by a character limit in the name.  The Model currently listing for a lower price is the pod-only variant, while the higher-priced model is the ground coffee variant.

6 days ago
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