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Attibassi Brand

Are you guys ever going to sell Attibassi brand? http://www.attibassiusa.com/ I tried this coffee and is really good, but in regular shop is a bit expensive. Thanks

1 answers

by: Stefano (♥10) | Nov 27, 2013


Question by Stefano M.

Can I use this descaler to descale my Matinee Lavazza espresso point?

1 answers

by: Stefano (♥10) | Oct 24, 2013


Question by Stefano M.

my machine seems not to heat enough to extract coffee correctly. It can make hot water and steam but when I make coffee the coffee only come out barely warm. What can it be?

1 answers

by: Stefano (♥10) | Oct 22, 2013


Question by Stefano M.

When a pull a shot I noticed that after the first ten second the color of the coffee coming out turn much lighter. Can it be the temperature dropping down? How can I adjust that?

1 answers

by: Stefano (♥10) | Sep 24, 2013


Question by Stefano M.

What's in your opinion a better choice for an upgrade from my Gaggia evolution, the Pasquini Livietta or the Rancilio Silvia?

1 answers

by: Stefano (♥10) | Aug 21, 2013


Question by Stefano M.

I purchased this basket and I used with the suggested quantity of about 7 grams. The problem is that using the 58mm tamper it seems that I don't tamp properly in the center. Do I have to use a smaller tamper?

3 answers

by: Stefano (♥10) | Aug 13, 2013


Question by Stefano M.

What's the difference between this product and a descaler product? Can I use this on the semi-automatic Gaggia Evolution? If yes how it works?

3 answers

by: Stefano (♥10) | Aug 05, 2013


Question by Stefano M.

Would this shower fit on my Gaggia evolution?

1 answers

by: Stefano (♥10) | Aug 05, 2013


Question by Stefano M.

I have been using my gaggia classic for a while and I'd like to clean it. What product should I use and how should I use it? Thanks.

3 answers

by: Stefano (♥10) | Jul 27, 2013


Question by Stefano M.

Into "Spec & Performance" section is stated 100% Aabica, but into "Features" section it says, Arabica and Robusta. What's the real coposition?

1 answers

by: Stefano (♥10) | Apr 01, 2013


Question by Stefano M.

What would be a good grinder with the Gaggia Classic? Would the Baratza Encore able to grind fine and consistent enough for a good espresso?

1 answers

by: Stefano (♥10) | Mar 28, 2013

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