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Gaggia Classic Rancilio Rocky

Question by Stephen M.

I have heard that Gaggia Classics leave the factory with the OVP set to 14 bars, because that is the best pressure for using pods. Is this true?

Question by Stephen M.

There seven different Mazzer mini grinders listed on your site. What are the differences?

Question by Stephen M.

Can the spout be removed from the Gaggia portafilter?

Question by Stephen M.

I notice that the Quick Mill Alexia is a single boiler unit, yet it has an E-61 group head. I thought an E-61 had to be on a heat exchanger unit?

Question by Stephen M.

Although you carry Quick Mill, I notice you don't carry the Silvano. Is it not a big seller or did you decide not to sell it, because of a philosophical reason, such as not liking the thermoblock for steaming?

Question by Stephen M.

I am confused by the name of this product, Expobar Office Lever Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine. Is it a manual lever machine or a semi-automatic? If it is a semi-automatic, what does lever refer to in this case?

Question by Stephen M.

What happened to the rest of the community news feed? It goes to 8-8-2013 and stops. Do you delete older posts?

Question by Stephen M.

A cafe local to me roasts their own beans. They are very good. I use them to make espresso at home. Today, I ordered an espresso from them. They have a $34,000 La Marzocco machine. They espresso was terrible. What I make with my Gaggia Classic with an Auber PID controller is so much better. What...

Question by Stephen M.

How long after writing a review does it take for it to be accepted and posted?

Question by Stephen M.

Has anyone had luck doing latte art with Gaggia latte art steam wand?

Question by Stephen M.

How is this different than a regular French press? I the only difference the capacity (51 oz.)?

Question by Stephen M.

A super-automatic has a built in grinder and a semi-automatic doesn't. Your video for the new Pasquini says it comes in a semi-automatic and an automatic.The automatic doesn't have a built in grinder, so what makes it different from the semi?

Question by Stephen M.

Will you make a video showing how this works?

Question by Stephen M.

Hi Maggie, Thank you for the solenoid cleaning instructions. Where do I find the "food safe grease" it mentions? Steve

Question by Stephen M.

Hi Maggie, I don't think it's scale. I think it's coffee. The water has a brownish tint and there are several little coffee grounds in it. Do you still think it is the solenoid valve? By the way, I am the Stephen Martin in Peabody.

Question by Stephen M.

I have descaled my boiler. I have cleaned the shower screen, shower holding plate, shower screen screw, portafilter and basket all in Cafiza and I still get dingy water when pulling a blank shot from my Gaggia Classic. Even though they don't recommend it, do I need to do a back flush with Cafiza...

Question by Stephen M.

Why does Gaggia NOT recommended backflushing the Classic? Does only refer to backflushing with a cleaner like Cafiza or do they mean no backflushing at all?

Question by Stephen M.

Does anyone have a diagram of the plumbing in a typical espresso machine? I would like to learn how it works.

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