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I am a machine guy and love to play with all kinds of espresso machines. I have used them, fixed them, tested them and brought lots of them home. You should see my basement work bench. My other passion is sailboat racing, a sport that I highly recommend. I'm here to help.

The fourth-generation Expobar Brewtus machines

The fourth-generation Expobar Brewtus machines are new, here at Whole Latte Love, and we've got your exclusive first look. There are three models, in total, the Brewtus IV-R, Brewtus IV, and Brewtus IV-P. If you’re curious about this line and want to find out what the similarities and differences...

By ToddS
What's in a Burr?

You’ve heard it before: Burr grinders are better than their blade counterparts for coffee, especially espresso, preparation. They minimize heat transfer, preserve flavor and aroma, and afford you the ability to fine-tune your grind. You’re sold on a burr grinder; good espresso will pay for...

By ToddS
Gaggia TS comes to Town

The Gaggia TS has been manufactured for years but it is now ready for sale in the USA. It was designed to be used in the small cafés in Italy and it did a superb job. I acquired a sample of the machine, started testing it back in March, and was so impressed with the quality of the coffee, the...

By ToddS
What is Rapid Steam?

As you go through the Website, you will notice many different phrases and words. When you are choosing a machine, it is important to understand what these phrases and words mean and why they may or may not be important to your buying decision. Today, we are going to address the term “rapid...

By ToddS
Frothing with a Pannarello Wand

We, Americans, love our milk-based drinks. We go out and purchase both expensive and inexpensive espresso/cappuccino machines that can do the job but, unfortunately, most of us don’t know the nuances of frothing that we need in order to create a quality drink. This blog is directed towards...

By ToddS
My Pick: Best Value On A Budget

I often get asked to recommend a quality espresso machine that won’t break the average budget. So, I thought I’d share my experiences with one machine, in particular, that performs well and has an affordable price tag to boot. The Gaggia New Baby semi-automatic espresso machine,...

By ToddS
Diagnosing Machine Vibration Pump Problems

Like many other mechanical devices, vibration pumps have a unique language that takes some practice to decipher. Most of the time, they are fairly quiet and just vibrate or hum proudly as they brew. Other times, they may “rat-tat-tat” loudly when they’re filled with air; or go...

By ToddS
Pump Bar Pressure and why you shouldn’t care.

Almost everybody who is looking to buy an espresso machine has been told that a machine with a 17 bar pump makes better espresso than a machine with a 15 bar pump. It was the old thought process of “if big is good, bigger is better” and I hear it all the time. There is nothing farther from the...

By ToddS
My Milk Island Won't Froth, No problem

My Milk Island Won't Froth, what’s up with that. The Milk Islands that you find on the Gaggia Platinum and the Saeco Talea machines are extremely impressive. The Milk Islands do an amazing job, you can get the milk as hot as you want it and it creates a beautiful froth. If for some reason...

By ToddS
Does Your Coffee Taste Different? What's in Your Grinder?

Bitter, weak, bland, no crème, over extracted, terrible smelling, just plain awful tasting espresso! Sound familiar? All too often I talk with people about the brew that they are getting and how it doesn't live up to standards. Nine times out of ten the first reaction is that the espresso machine...

By ToddS
Espresso in the Sky with Crema!

You gotta love being able to brew an espresso--no matter where you are, and that's exactly what the Handpresso was created for. Imagine carrying boiling water to the top of the 120-meter Olympic ski jump in Lake Placid to brew an espresso. Check out the commentary by Jack, the five year old. It...

By ToddS
Say goodbye to super leaks

Do you need to roll up your pants to approach your espresso machine in the mornings? Does your counter look like Noah docked there? Do you often wonder why your machine is leaking sooo much water into your drip tray? Well, there is a reason (and usually a cure) for all the excess moisture you...

By ToddS
Where's the heat?

Well we all know winter is here, right? And with the exception of some states in the south and southwest, we are all feeling the chill. Not too fun, is it? Well, the natural solution would be to cuddle up to a warm cup of coffee, tea, or hot cocoa. But what do you do when your espresso machine...

By ToddS
Proper packing is key

There may come a time when your machine needs to be returned for repair or maintenance. If/when the time comes, it is important to make sure you properly pack your machine to prevent any damage. After all, you've invested a lot in your machine. I would like to give you a little insight on...

By ToddS
New Year's Resolution--Keep your machine clean

As the New Year approaches, most of us have made some resolution, such as losing weight, quitting smoking or something to improve our lifestyles for the better. As the tech manager, I have made a resolution to help you give your Espresso/Coffee machine a longer, healthier life, so you the two...

By ToddS
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