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Question by Tom T.

Just received this machine along with the Baratza Virtuoso Preciso grinder from you guys today. I just love the look & feel of the Breville, and so far, so good with it's use, as well as with the Baratza. One question - do you have a recommendation for the grinder setting on the Baratza for...

1 answers

by: Tom (♥10) | Aug 23, 2013


Question by Tom T.

Just want to make sure before I order a set of these in the 15 oz. size that they are the shorter, squatter version of the 15 oz. Bodum Bistro Double Wall Mug - Bodum Item Number: 10608-10 - I need them to be less that 4.5" tall to fit underneath my Jura ENA 4 so I can make espresso directly...

2 answers

by: Tom (♥10) | Aug 03, 2013


Question by Tom T.

Hello, I am very interested in this machine, but have one concern - reviews of it on other Web sites (no worries, if I purchase it, it will be here; the price is right, and a friend highly recommends you) indicate that there is a issue with the steamer wand "flying off" during steaming,...

2 answers

by: Tom (♥10) | May 17, 2013

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