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My name is Mark Jackson and I run Whole Latte Love’s Commercial Sales Division. I love my job and truly enjoy helping people in the coffee business. I have over 15 years of experience under my belt, I’ve done machine and route sales, catering, ran a coffee cart, as well as managed a small chain of busy cafes. I am also very familiar with the restaurant business. I feel very confident in my ability to help anyone in the coffee business in whatever venue he or she are pursuing within the specialty coffee trade. I’m constantly learning more about my profession and enjoy participating in online forums, trade shows, and seminars/educational events. My personal interests include: golf, great food, my dogs, and traveling.

Coffee in the Office - Part 1

I thought it would be fun to look a little closer at office coffee service.  I think one thing we really don’t look at much or talk about much is office coffee service. In the world of coffee sales it is abbreviated as OCS. The trend has been as with most things to make coffee more...

Rotary Pump Vs. Vibration

When you’re considering the purchase of an espresso machine there certainly is a lot to consider. One detail that has become more popular is the option to have a rotary pump in your espresso machine as opposed to a vibration pump. Rotary pumps are available in a lot of our high end prosumer...

Espresso Brewing - Science or Art? Part Three

What does all this information mean? It boils down to the fact that you can make an espresso at home that is going to be better than just about any you can get out at a coffee shop or cafe. It is important to understand: that by practice, some trial and error, as well as a good...

Espresso Brewing - Science or Art? Part Two

The Coffee Grinder – we have discussed coffee grinders here in the past and defined what a weight measuring coffee grinder can do. Now I’m going to tell you a seldom revealed astonishing fact; the quality of the coffee grinder directly affects the taste and crema of the espresso! For...

Espresso Brewing - Science or Art? Part One

Brewing Espresso – Science or Art? Part One Could you make brewing espresso a science experiment?  I think you can and should. As with any science experiment, if you can control the variables it is the key to getting what you want in your results. I say why not look at espresso in the same...

Barista TV

Barista TV!? Well, more of an exploitation-reality-show about the life and tradition of being a barista. The premise is to feature baristas and their lives in a new series. Baristas Coffee Company, Inc. announced the signing of a contract with M&M Productions for the development of a reality...

Coffee Crazy Country

I think we are! My opinion is biased and based on the number of sales-calls we get along with my long-term involvement in the coffee industry. I have always felt very strongly that coffee is a legal-drug that many people need to get started every day. I am always reading and exploring on-line...

I Wish I was Better at Latte Art

One thing that I really wish I was better at in the coffee world is Latte Art. I am always amazed at how beautiful it can be. It has really increased in popularity and seems to be a goal of every new Barista whether amateur or professional to create astonishing images. It is so popular there are...

A Review of the Saeco Aroma SS

What I Like About This Machine: Compact Design – The machine is small in stature but great for making espresso. It is only 12 inches tall and 8 inches wide. It should fit in just about any size kitchen. The Saeco Aroma is almost small enough to travel around with or bring to a small...

The Ceado E7 Grinder

What I like about the Grinder: The Grind adjustment – The Ceado E7 grinder is very simple to adjust compared to other grinders in its class. While most grinders in its class use an adjustable collar the Ceado E7 has an easy to use clearly marked slide that moves precisely for coarse or...

Expobar Brewtus IV Review

What I Like About The Brewtus Double Boiler The Brewtus has a double boiler. What this means is you have one boiler for steam and another boiler for brewing espresso. The great thing about a double boiler is it gives you great temperature stability for brewing espresso. It is interesting to...

Gaggia Accademia Review

Things I Like About This Machine - Stylish & Appealing The Accademia has a sleek look and style. It would look magnificent in any situation. The overall design and stainless steel and steel construction is impressive and beautiful. This machine would fit very nicely in a kitchen that has...

Gaggia Platinum Vision Review

Gaggia Platinum Vison Review Things I like About This Product: Touch Screen Display Extremely intuitive and makes for very easy programming and initial set up. Also makes the machine very easy for guests to use. I suggest programming the first cup as a double shot of espresso, the second...

Recipe: Iced Red Eye

If you’re looking for a cool drink that will give you a bit of a kick, consider an Iced Red Eye. This beverage is a twist on the tradition Red Eye, which is a combination of coffee and espresso. It is a little sweeter to appeal to most coffee lovers. Ingredients - Double shot of espresso ...

How To Make A Cappuccino

Here is the video I wanted to make about one of my favorite drinks: the classic cappuccino. I will go into some detail on how to make the drink as well as help you understand that both proportion and technique are equally important when crafting a cappuccino.

Iced Coffee – Tips and Tricks

Summer is a great time to enjoy iced coffee, one of my favorite drinks. It is so refreshing, especially with weeks like these, where temperatures will be well into the 90s. But, there is more to making iced coffee than just pouring the coffee over ice. Of course, it could be done that way and...

Consumers Digest Best Buy Awards: And The Winners Are...

Some very good news came in the mail a few weeks ago. One of our most established semi-automatic espresso machines, a legend in its own right, the Gaggia Classic has earned some well-deserved accolades from a respected source. Also, honorable mentions went out to machines from Krups and...

Pre-infusion on the Expobar Brewtus IV

If you are curious about the pre-infusion feature available on Expobar Brewtus IV machines, then this is one video you shouldn’t miss. I’ll go into detail about how pre-infusion works and what makes it such a great feature for espresso lovers.

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