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I love coffee and enjoy trying new blends and equipment

Is it True? Dispelling common coffee myths.

Myth n. (m th) 1. A popular belief, tradition or story that has become associated with a cultural idea 2. Fiction or half-truth The other day my contractor, Mike, looked at me kind of bewildered as I scooped coffee out of the canister and dumped it into the grinder of my Gaggia Titanium. He...

By Tracys
Coffee: A Stimulating History

Coffee, like many of the modern world’s most popular foods, has two histories. The first encompasses the rich but largely undocumented record of its discovery and early use among the peoples of East Africa and the Arabian peninsula. The second, more familiar record, dates from the...

By Tracys
Lavazza Tierra - Responsible Espresso

Luigi Lavazza, founder of Italy’s #1 coffee brand, famously proclaimed, “I will not live in a world that destroys the riches of nature!” Since its inception, Lavazza has strived to conduct business with socially, environmentally and culturally friendly practices. The company is...

By Tracys
Differentiating Coffee Makers

One of the reasons coffee is so widespread is due the versatility in creating and enjoying it. Coffee beans are grown in many different regions creating an array of possibilities that will satisfy any palette. As well, the variations in roasting and brewing coffee gives coffee drinkers the option...

By Tracys
Jura XS90 One Touch: The Consummate Professional

Offered on both Whole Latte Love's commercial and retail sites, the Jura Impressa XS90 One Touch is recommended for both home and professional users. This single fact speaks volumes about the XS90's capabilities and flexible nature. Not surprisingly, the Impressa XS90 has some key...

By Tracys
Delonghi Gran Dama ESAM 6620 Espresso Machine

Making your favorite drink is as easy as it gets with the Delonghi Gran Dama ESAM 6620. This one-touch espresso machine can make not only world class espresso but also delicious specialty drinks including lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos on demand. This is one of the most advanced...

By Tracys
The Gaggia Classic Your Ambassador To Italian Espresso

  The Gaggia Classic has a long lineage and I’ve seen it evolve from the original Gaggia Coffee that was the premier machine in Italy. It did not do well in this market because it was comparatively very expensive and required some serious insider knowledge. The US market was...

By Tracys
5 Frothing Tips For Making Perfect Lattes & Cappuccinos

Have you ever wondered how to create good quality frothed milk to make a latte or cappuccino? Here is a quick five step guide.  #1 Start with cold milk and a cold pitcher. It’s much easier to get air into milk when it’s cold so keep the milk in the fridge and store your...

By Tracys
Descale Products: Preventative Maintenance For Your Espresso Machine

If it heats water, it creates scale. Call it calcification, lime scale...whatever you want but for home espresso and coffee makers it’s the stuff that clogs-up boilers and leads to poor performance and eventual machine failure. But, it’s super easy to prevent any problems with a...

By Tracys
Temperature Stability On A Heat Exchange Espresso Machine

Most prosumer espresso machine’s with a heat exchanger boiler and E61 brew group require a significant cooling flush before an extraction to get to the proper brew temperature of approximately 201 to 203 degrees. But how long should a cooling flush be? And how long of a pause between...

By Tracys
What Type of Water Is Best For My Espresso Machine?

You’ll hear the quality of your espresso or coffee has a lot to do with the quality of the water you use to brew with - and that is very true. So it would seem logical that using the purest possible water would make the best cup. But you need to be careful of just how pure your water...

By Tracys
Defining Milk Based Espresso Drinks

 Defining Milk Based Espresso Drinks Not certain what a cappuccino, macchiato, mocha or latte is... stick with me and we’ll clear up confusion surrounding the names of milk-based espresso drinks. Now keep in mind depending on the country, cafe or barista making it,...

By Tracys
Fine Tuning Your Super Automatic Espresso Machine Grinder

Almost all fully automatic espresso machines have grind size adjustments. And those settings have a big impact on flavor. But where should you set it? Here’s some quick tips to help you zero in on the optimal grind setting: The two major factors in determining grind setting are: the...

By Tracys
3 Common Espresso Misconceptions

It’s bitter, it’s loaded with caffeine, it’s a type of coffee bean. Today we’ll set the record straight on three common espresso misconceptions. 1. Espresso is not a type of coffee bean. Espresso is a brewing process in which water is forced thru finely ground...

By Tracys
6 Common Milk Frothing Mistakes

How To Improve Your Lattes and Cappuccinos Lets take a look at six common frothing mistakes. What you may be doing wrong... and how to fix it. 1. Not Purging the Steam Wand Every steaming wand has some water in and you don’t want it in your milk so before steaming, open...

By Tracys
The Many Ways of Making Coffee and Espresso

Attention caffeine cowboys!  Are you ready to get adventurous? Get ready to become a coffee connoisseur 'cause there’s more than one way to get your go-juice! So if you’re ready to really taste coffee - to experience it more like a fine wine with subtle flavor variations...

By Tracys
Pressurized and non-pressurized filter baskets. What’s the difference?

In espresso extraction, brewing takes place under pressure. The difference in the baskets is how that pressure is created. In traditional espresso brewing with a non-pressurized basket it’s the coffee that creates pressure. This is done through a combination of grind fineness and...

By Tracys
What Goes Into A Quality Prosumer Espresso Machine?

Today we’re taking a look under the hood of prosumer semi-automatic espresso machines. Like a fine automobile you should always have a look under the hood before purchasing. What’s there says a lot about a machines quality. What are the signs of a quality prosumer espresso...

By Tracys
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