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Krups Portafilter

What is the diameter of the Portafilter in the Krups XP618050?

1 answers

by: Hal (♥0) | Aug 30, 2014

Krups 618050

Is it a good idea to brew and steam simultaneously on this machine?

1 answers

by: Hal (♥0) | Aug 07, 2014


adjusting Pump pressure

Can the pump pressure on the Breville BES920XL be adjusted by the user?

2 answers

by: Hal (♥0) | Aug 05, 2014

Panarello wand frothing

I have been trying to learn how to use the Panarello wand on both my New Baby and Baby twin machines. I get good foam on both with 12oz and 20oz pitchers. I steam the milk first, then pull the shot. However, the foam seems to dry out and float on top. I have tried pulling the shot...

2 answers

by: Hal (♥0) | Aug 04, 2014


Badges and points

What are they? Are they earned or does one even acquire them?

2 answers

by: Hal (♥0) | Jul 28, 2014


Prefiltering water for Gaggia Baby machines

I am still confused about how to filter the brewing water for both my New Baby and Baby Twin. I have a Pur faucet filter on my kitchen faucet that i use to fill my Gaggia machines. I realize that the life cycle of a filter is dependent on the composition of the water however there are usually a...

2 answers

by: Hal (♥0) | Jul 25, 2014

Latte Art pannarello and backflushing

I nave 2 questions, 1. Therer are some references to a Latte Art pannarello in your videos and on the gaggiaUSA site - How can i obtain one? 2. I have heard that Gaggia espresso machines should not be backflushed. True or false? If true - why?

1 answers

by: Hal (♥0) | Jul 22, 2014

Breville pressurized filter baskets

Does this machine have pressure reducing pin like the Gaggia machines? If not, why not?

2 answers

by: Hal (♥0) | Jun 19, 2014

New Baby brew and steam plumbing

I have two questions about the New Baby. 1. On which side of the boiler is the brew pump? Does the pump pump cold ot hot water? 2. What does the the steam button control besides the steam temp heater? Does it rearrange the plumbing circuits as well?

2 answers

by: Hal (♥0) | Jun 13, 2014

Portafilter delivery

I want to order the pressurized basket pin and the SS panarello wand sleeve and the bottomless portafilter. Will the order be held untill the bottomless portafilter is available?

2 answers

by: Hal (♥0) | Jun 06, 2014

Double Boiler

Just for curiosity. Is the steam boiler in series with the brew boiler or in parallel? I.E. Does the steam boiler have a direct connection to the water supply or does the water come through the brew boiler.

1 answers

by: Hal (♥0) | Jun 05, 2014


Instructions on turning the small knb on this item

I have tried to use this on my New Baby. I can get it to siphon a liquid from a pitcher to a cup. It seems to create foam with milk. What does the small knob do?

1 answers

by: Hal (♥0) | May 26, 2014


Crema from Bialetti Moka Pot

I'm a completely new coffee home brewer, I have loved coffee for years but never had the time to look into home brewing.  Since I'm now retired and want to drink great coffee I took advice from another forum and got a 3 cup Bialetti Moka Pot. It arrived today and I...

2 answers

by: Hal (♥0) | Mar 21, 2014


capresso cafe espresso machine

I am interested in buying  this machine. Do you ever have a refurb? If you do, what is the price?   I'm on a fixed icome (SS) so I have to watch my pennies.

1 answers

by: Hal (♥0) | Mar 20, 2014

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