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What is the appropriate water hardness for my Expobar Office Lever

Hello, I recently purchased an Expobar Office Lever Plus and have been using the internal resevoir with the softner cartridge. Recently I decided to plumb my machine directly to the water line. I know that I need to treat my water for lime so after some research I decided to install a...

5 answers

by: Gary (♥20) | Mar 22, 2015

Water Softener and Plumbing Office Lever Plus

I purhcased an Expobar Office Lever Plus approximately three weeks ago. So far I have been using the resevoir which has the single tube going into the reservoir with that water softner capsul attached to the end of the tube. Quite a bit of the literature has suggested that having this water...

1 answers

by: Gary (♥20) | Dec 19, 2014

Please Reference: http://community.wholelattelove.com/questions/3515/when-brewing-water-dribles-out-of-the-spigot-just-above-the-drip-tray-is-this-normal#sthash.egtSAHIi.dpuf

I have had my new Expobar for approximately two weeks. I researched this question and Whole Latte Love's answer, however in my case, the water flows through this "spicket" even though there is no coffee in the portafilter. In fact, just running water through the brew group without...

2 answers

by: Gary (♥20) | Dec 10, 2014

I have a Gagia Clasic and am interested in purchasing the ESPRO calibrated tamper. Wil the 58m tamper size fit into...

I have a Gaggia Classic and am interested in purchasing the ESPRO calibrated tamper. Will the 58mm tamper size fit into the portafilter basket that comes with this machine? I am also interested in knowing if it is worth the extra money to purchase the convex base model as opposed to the flat...

2 answers

by: Gary (♥20) | May 25, 2013

I have had my grinder since 208 and have not had any problems with it. Paired with my Gagia Clasic, I have ben a hapy...

I have had my grinder since 2008 and have not had any problems with it. Paired with my Gaggia Classic, I have been a happy espresso drinker for many years. I would recommend the grinder as a reasonbly priced machine for the espresso officianado. While the majority of time and depending on the...

2 answers

by: Gary (♥20) | May 02, 2013

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