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Question by Mark S.

I have a question about Cellini portafilter basket size vs coffee weight. I've read that generally speaking in order to pull a single shot you should start with 7 grams of coffee and a double requires 14 grams. However, I noticed that when I weigh the coffee on a scale, 14 grams doesn't do much...

1 answers

by: UnhappyCustomer (♥30) | Jan 03, 2013


Question by Mark S.

Thanks mjackson for your reply to my question below about the Cellini Classic. I have a few questions about maintenance I was hoping you, or someone else, could help me with. I've had the machine for about a month. I backflush with the blank filter basket after every use, and wipe everything...

1 answers

by: UnhappyCustomer (♥30) | Dec 14, 2012


Question by Mark S.

Noticed that you're apparently no longer selling the Rocket Espresso Cellini Classic. I'm curious to know why, especially since I purchased one recently. Thanks.

1 answers

by: UnhappyCustomer (♥30) | Dec 13, 2012


Question by Mark S.

I noticed that whole bean coffee comes packaged a couple of different ways. In one case the brand I've ordered comes in what feels like a slightly vacuum-packed brick (Lavazza) and in the other case the bag is much softer, more loose, and apparently contains more air (Danesi). Is there a reason...

1 answers

by: UnhappyCustomer (♥30) | Dec 12, 2012

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