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Question by David F.

I had the basic stainless steel, then I got the Rocket, which I decided was too narrow and gave away. I'm wondering how long the bar is on this one so I can compare it to the one I have.

1 answers

by: David (♥30) | Feb 13, 2013

Question by David F.

Help me decide between this and the regular IV - are there any benefits to the standard model besides the slightly lower price? I guess it is not quite as tall, but I have owned an Expobar Office Control and I don't trust those tiny feet. I ended up keeping it on a teflon cutting board so I...

2 answers

by: David (♥30) | Jan 08, 2013

Question by David F.

I suppose it is best to connect this to a source of reverse osmosis filtered water?

1 answers

by: David (♥30) | Jan 08, 2013

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