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Question by mercedes d.

I replaced the group gasket because of a leak every time I pull a shot. When I did a test run, the pressure moved the portafilter and the new gasket leaks more than the old one. I opened the machine and tried again just in case I made a mistake and the same thing happened again. Any ideas or...

1 answers

by: mercedes (♥25) | Mar 15, 2013


Question by mercedes d.

Does the pin need to be used with a special pod or can i use with any of the three i got with the machine? It's felt lose when installed it. According to the diagram it's seems like there is a different size pod that is used with this.

1 answers

by: mercedes (♥25) | Feb 15, 2013


Question by mercedes d.

Why does water leak from all sides and the middle while pulling shots? I have tried different pressure while tampering, grind coarseness, and amount of espresso in the portafilter. I have not been able to pull a good consistent shot since i bought it in October

2 answers

by: mercedes (♥25) | Feb 14, 2013

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