Jura-Capresso Cup Warmer: What's Brewing #26

Don't spend another day brewing into a cold cup! Preserve temperature stability from espresso machine to cup; with the Jura-Capresso Cup Warmer, you won't have to lose precious heat and end up with lukewarm coffee every morning.

Made with detail-conscious espresso aficionados in mind, the Jura-Capresso Cup Warmer is designed to keep cups at exactly 133F—ideal, brew-ready temperature. Professionals have always known importance of pre-warming cups to preserve not only temperature, but also flavor and aroma. Now, the Jura-Capresso Cup Warmer makes it possible for home users to easily and efficiently preheat cups, mugs, and glasses.

Energy-efficient programmable automatic on/off options let you preset the machine to ensure that warm cups are waiting for you when you need them most. With two drawers, each with the capacity to house six cappuccino, four coffee, or five espresso cups, you won't ever be at a loss for space.

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