Espro Dillinger Tampers: What's Brewing #18


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The Espro Dillinger Black Diamond Espresso Tamper feels alive in your hand like a bolt of black lightening at midnight straining to release its gathered energy. Made from vacuum hardened stainless steel and then plasma coated with a diamond-like coating, its black finish sets it apart from the ordinary and makes it 5 times harder than a regular steel tamper. The indestructible Espro Dillinger Black Diamond Tamper will not dent or scratch and stands up to all day abuse in the busiest environment. It is so hard that the hardness measurement is off the Rockwell hardness scale (the measurement scale used by engineers to decide how tough something is)!

The ergonomic shape of the Espro Dillinger Black Diamond Tamper allows for a comfortable grip, and the unique shape of the base offers a variation on your typical thumb placement.

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