Nespresso U Single-Serve & Aeroccino Plus: What's Brewing #57


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Like its product mate, the Nespresso U Single-Serve Espresso Machine, the Nespresso U Single-Serve Espresso Machine with Aeroccino+ Milk Frother is the technical advancement of the popular Nespresso Single-Serve capsule machines coupled with the very popular Nespresso Aeroccino+ Milk Frother to create a coffee/milk beverage center extraordinaire! The stylish inverted U shape has been enhanced with mono-color schemes creating a very classy custom look enhanced by the polished stainless steel Aeroccino+ Milk Frother.

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A over 1 year ago

I know there is a lot of animosity in the community in regards to capsule machines, but I think Nespresso does a great job making some high quality coffee very easy to do.