Almond Milk Cappuccino Recipe

How to Make this Non-Dairy and Soy Cappuccino

This lactose free drink is perfect for those espresso and coffee lovers allergic to dairy. With more calcium, less calories and a great frothing ability, this cappuccino will get you going to the store to buy almond milk! Learn how to make this from Morgan at Whole Latte Love.

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I have been trying to use almond milk from time to time. I really like the taste but sometimes the almond milk separates on contact with the espresso. Have you seen this? Any suggestions to prevent this?
John, What machine are you using? If you are using a Panarello wand, the amount of air that it adds to the milk could be part of the problem. Gaggia machines can accept the Latte Art Wand, that when used as a single hole tip would likely incorporate the air into the milk better, giving a better texture and less separation.